Ripley’s Aquarium

Robert Ripley the reporter, illustrator, the seeker of the odd and unusual. Robert Ripley became a world traveler just to seek out the unbelievable and bizarre of the world. His travels brought on the famous quote “believe it or not’” that most Americans are familiar with, and which led to the establishment of Ripley’s Aquarium.

“Believe it or not” spread from a cartoon, to a world wide series. This cartoon is seen in 200 newspapers worldwide, in 42 countries, and in 17 languages. This would not stay just a cartoon but would spread to museums and aquariums with Robert Ripley’s amazing and unique findings.

Ripley Entertainment not only has the Ripley’s Aquarium but also has “Believe it or Not” Museums that are field with must see unbelievable exhibits that the whole family is amazed with. The museum has eye-catching illusions, animations, and state of the art effects to enhance each visitor’s experience. Bring your family to enjoy a fun field day of shocking exhibits.

Ripley spread as far as the wonderful sea world. Ripley’s Aquarium located in Myrtle Beach, SC has a number of fun activities for the family. The aquarium has an anything from sleeping with the sharks to a scavenger hunt. They all so allow you to take a self-guided tour through the amazing sea life in the aquarium.

Adult 12 & over $25.99
Children 6-11 $16.99
Children 2-5 $8.99
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