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New Tenant Checklist

We get it...when you find a coastal paradise like North Carolina's Brunswick Islands, the pull of the tides is alluring. Whether you're looking to set down roots or open a shop in Caswell Beach, Oak Island or Southport, Oak Island Accommodations offers long-term residential and commercial rentals that could become your place by the sea. Here's how to get started:

  1. Browse Available Rentals - With just a few clicks, you can browse available rentals from your smart phone or home computer.
  2. Pick Your Favorite(s) - Narrow down your favorite rentals. OIA offers the option to preview your top picks. Contact OIA's long term property manager to set up a time for in-person viewing. You will need to present a current driver's license or other valid form of photo identification at the OIA office before the preview begins.
  3. Submit a Complete Application - Once you've found just the right fit, you'll need to submit a rental application and credit check form along with remitting a $45 payment for a credit check. You may request to receive a copy of your credit report. Please note that if your credit report flags that any additional reports are required, you will also need to remit payment for these additional reports. You will also need to submit your three most recent pay stubs as proof of current employment and income.
  4.  Pay First Month's Rent, Security Deposit and Fees - If your application is approved, the next step is to pay your first month's rent, security deposit and any applicable pet fees. If the lease begins after the first day of the month, OIA will prorate the first month's rent. A security deposit is typically equal to one month's rent.
  5. Set Up All Utilities in Your Name - Before occupancy of any long-term or commercial rental can begin, you need to submit documentation that you have set up electricity, water and sewer service in your name to the long-term property manager.
  6. Pick Up Your Keys and Move In - Once all of the above is complete, you can pick up the keys to your rental and start making yourself at home.

Important Note: Regular rent payments must be received at the OIA office no later than the fifth of each month. Rent payments made after the fifth will incur a late fee. If rent is not paid in a timely manner during your lease term, then OIA will begin eviction procedures.

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