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Journey by Air, Land or Sea

With the right planning, the journey to your destination can add to the fun of your coastal North Carolina vacation. If you're coming from the north, consider taking the scenic route and stretch your legs on a ferry ride from Fort Fisher to Southport. Arriving and leaving from Wilmington's International Airport is typically a breeze because of the airport's small size and distance from the island. By far the most popular way to arrive to the island is via a road trip through North Carolina's scenic highways and byways. 

By Air

Airports Near Oak Island, Caswell Beach and Southport

By Land

Map Out Your Driving Route

Have a road trip to Oak Island in your future? For keyless entry properties, you can proceed directly to the property at your appointed check-in time. If you're looking up directions to the Oak Island Accommodations office, search using our address below.

Oak Island Accommodations Office
8901 East Oak Island Drive
Oak Island, NC 28465

Approximate Driving Distances to Oak Island

        • Charlotte, NC | 212 Miles
        • Greensboro, NC | 201 Miles
        • Raleigh, NC | 161 Miles
        • Charlottesville, VA | 350 Miles
        • Columbus, OH | 621 Miles
        • Huntington, WV | 512 Miles
        • Atlanta, GA | 429 Miles
        • New York, NY | 630 Miles
        • Fayetteville, NC | 107 Miles
        • Nashville, TN | 641 Miles
        • Asheville, NC | 349 Miles
        • Rock Hill, SC | 223 Miles
        • Lexington, KY | 634 Miles
        • Pittsburgh, PA | 632 Miles

By Sea

Ferries and Marinas Near Caswell

Beach, Oak Island and Southport