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What to Know About the 2023 Town Ordinance

On January 17, 2023, the Oak Island Town Council voted unanimously to approve a revised service agreement with Otto Connect, Inc., for paid parking services on Oak Island. The Town Council also passed an amendment to the town’s code of ordinances related to parking that also abolishes right of way parking on Oak Island. Oak Island Accommodations is working diligently to coordinate with town officials and gain a better understanding of what this will new development will look like for our property owners and visitors.

Under the new ordinance, paid parking will run every year from April 1 through September 30 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Once the program is enacted, parking for those without a town parking decal or permit will cost $5 per hour, $20 per day, or $80 per week when using Town of Oak Island public parking spaces. Town parking decals and town parking permits are only available to residents and property owners. Paid parking permits will be purchased electronically at time of use through a mobile app. 

The Town Council has also abolished right of way parking throughout the town. The right of way is the grassy area immediately adjacent to the road that locals and visitors to Oak Island have used for overflow parking at a property, otherwise known as streetside parking. Driveways usually cross over the right of way and are exempt from restriction. We know some of our guests have traditionally used these areas in order to accommodate extra vehicles, boats and trailers when staying at a vacation rental. With this in mind, guests may need to make plans to limit the number of vehicles they will bring to Oak Island. If you have already booked a vacation home and have questions about how many vehicles the rental's driveway can accommodate, contact our guest services department and a staff member will assist you.

We’re sure you have questions. Rest assured, we do too! The Town of Oak Island has created a dedicated page on their website that includes a Frequently Asked Questions section that is still being expanded on. We highly recommend checking this valuable resource out by clicking here, but we’ve also provided answers below to some of the questions most likely to be shared by our guests and owners.

We understand that, for those that have vacationed on Oak Island for many years, this is a big change. We appreciate your patience as we work to help you find your parking place by the sea.

Paid Parking Guest Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Affect My Stay?

If you’ll vacation on Oak Island prior to April 1, 2023, or in the off-season between October 1 and March 31, paid parking will not affect your stay under the current ordinance. Those vacationing between April 1 and September 30 will need to purchase paid parking permits if they plan to utilize Town of Oak Island public parking spaces, which includes beach access parking. Guests staying in properties on the north side of Oak Island Drive may feel the greatest impacts. Regardless of stay dates, all guests may need to research the maximum number of vehicles your rental will accommodate as noted above due to the loss of right of way parking. 

Can I Still Park at my Vacation Rental Free of Charge? What About Condo Parking Lots?

This plan does not affect the free driveway parking that has always been available when renting one of OIA’s vacation homes or the designated parking spaces of condo complexes. Please note that condo complexes may have existing rules limiting the number or type of vehicles allowed to park in their lots.

How Many Vehicles Can Park at My Rental?

If the number of available parking spaces is not listed in your rental’s description and you cannot determine the number via the property photographs, please reach out and our guest services department will gladly assist you as needed.

Do I Have to Pay to Park When Visiting Local Shops and Restaurants?

No. This plan does not affect free parking available at local businesses when guests are eating at area restaurants or shopping at local shops.

Can All of Our Vehicles Share One Permit?

No. Permits are assigned to individual vehicles, based on the license plate and registration of each. They are not a physical slip, decal, or sticker that you can transfer from one vehicle to another.

Is Handicap Parking Free?

Yes, with limitations. A vehicle displaying a handicap license plate and/or hangtag parked in a designated handicap space is free. Any other parking space will require a paid parking permit via the app.

What If I Don’t Have a Smart Phone or My Signal Isn’t Strong Enough to Download the App?

Simply call Otto Connect directly at 910-200-1497 to speak with with a representative who can assist you. 

How Much is a Parking Citation?

Parking violations are $50. After 30 days, a $25 late fee applies. Citations NOT paid within 60 days are referred to a collection agency.

Paid Parking Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Are Town Parking Decals Still Valid and Still Being Issued?

Yes. The current (GREEN) town parking decals are valid through December 31, 2023 for the vehicle they are registered to. However, physical display of these decals is no longer required. The list of all currently registered vehicles has been transferred to the contracted parking service provider (vendor), and town parking permits are verified onsite through the license plate. A maximum of 3 vehicles may register per property at a cost of $10 each. Status is linked to your license plate and no further physical decals are available. Town parking permits are now obtained directly through the vendor and are no longer available from Town Hall or the Town Website.

  • REMINDER: Town parking decals are based on the vehicle they are registered to. The “sharing” of decals is already prohibited, so simply displaying a decal will NOT prevent a ticket – town parking registration is required.
Does The New Parking Program Impact Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) Parking?

Yes. LSVs are treated as any other licensed and tagged vehicle and will need a paid parking permit or town parking permit for any Town of Oak Island public parking spaces. This includes all LSV-only parking spaces/lots, such as the one provided at S Middleton Ave.

I Provide a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) as an “Add-on” Option for Short Term Rentals. Can I Get an Annual Pass for It?

LSVs are treated as any other licensed and tagged vehicle and will need a paid parking permit or town parking permit for any Town of Oak Island public parking spaces. A limit of three (3) town parking permits are available for any resident/property owner, regardless of the vehicle type. There are no exceptions or additional town parking permits available for only LSVs, they must count as part of the three (3) vehicle limit.

Are Vehicles for “Short Trip” Visits for Businesses, Tradespeople, or Concierge Style Services Allowed to Park in the Right of Way Outside of a Home They Are Servicing?

Vendor staff In paid parking areas, as well as Police Officers in areas monitored by the Police Department, will all use a “common sense” approach to ticketing right-of-way parking during the enforced paid parking times, and take into consideration the purpose and duration of vehicle parking. parking enforcers will make an effort to verify the legitimacy of the stop. 

NOTE: If parking in a right of way, regardless of whether it is during an enforced paid parking time or not, ALL tires must reside completely off of the roadway.

Will Residents Still Have Reserved Spaces? If So, What If All of the Reserved Spaces Are Full?

Currently, there are 182 marked town parking permit spaces available, which are closest to the public beach areas. At the Town Council's direction, an additional 182 town parking permit spaces are being identified, with their locations spread out to provide direct access to other features such as parks and recreational facilities.

Parking from a town parking permit registered vehicle is still allowed in ANY other Town of Oak Island public parking space, and such a viehicle will NOT have to pay the paid parking rate.