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Many of our beach communities have sand-friendly wheelchairs to lend or rent to visitors. Here is how to obtain one depending on which beach you are visiting:

  • Oak Island – Nine Beach Wheelchairs (8 adult, 1 child) are available for 2 days at a time by calling the Parks and Rec department (910-278-5518) with no deposit required.  There is one floating beach wheelchair for the water.  For more information, click the following link:


Golf carts are not typically allowed on the beaches, as to not disturb the fellow visitors or wildlife such as sea turtles or their nests. Some of our towns allow for those who need them to drive golf carts on the beach under the following circumstances:


Each beach has its own rules regarding parking, public beach access points, and special accessibility. It would be a good idea to check with the appropriate town hall or town website to find specific information before your trip.

Caswell Beach

  • Handicap Accessible Beach Access:
    • Near 701 Caswell Beach Road
  • Public Beach Access:
  • There are many public access points.

Oak Island

  • Handicap Accessible Beach Access:
    • Commissioner’s Park – McGlamery Street
    • Beach Viewing Area – Mercer Street
    • May Moore Park – Barbee Blvd.
    • Cabana – SE 46th Street
    • West 57th Place
    • SE 25th Street
    • SE 40th Street
    • The Point – West end of Beach Drive
    • 75th East Beach
    • 7th West Beach
    • 10th Place West
    • All handicap accessible beach access points may be found online at
  • Public Beach Access:
  • There are 65 public beach access points on Oak Island. (Due to issues related to cleanup from Hurricane Isaias, some beach accesses and parking lots may be temporarily closed.


Each of the ocean fishing piers is ADA accessible, offering wonderful views of the beach, ocean, and fishing.