Oak Island Beach Walking is a great way to get exercise on your vacation or any time of the year while still being able to enjoy the natural beauty of Oak Island. There are miles and miles of strand for everyone to enjoy as well as bike. However, Oak Island Beach Walking is a better workout for you because the sand provides more resistance than concrete which will ultimately build more leg muscle, get your heart rate up faster, and force you to use more of your entire body instead of just using your legs.

The best time to go for a walk on Oak Island would be in the morning anytime before 10:30 or after five in the afternoon. This will eliminate walking during the middle of the day since the middle of the day has the highest levels of heat and humidity unless you are taking your beach stroll during the winter. Walking for a long distance during the middle of the day could lead to possible dehydration or exhaustion. Also, walking in the evening or in the morning will eliminate large crowds on the beach and the beach is just more beautiful at the start and end of the day.

While walking try to keep your arms pumping making motion almost as if you were trying to punch someone under the chin or give an imaginary person an uppercut. This will keep the blood flowing throughout your body and will also give you more of a total body workout. Do not just stick your hands in your pockets or let them hang at your side. Next pay attention to the way you are walking and how far apart your strides are. Do not over stride or take very large step because this could lead to a pulled hamstring, quadriceps, or calf muscle. Try to take even strides, just a slight bit longer than the ones you normally take. Eliminating over striding will allow you to walk longer and do less damage to you knees in the later year of your life.

Finally try to get your arms and legs syncopated by pumping the arm on the opposite side of your body of the leg that you are striding with. So if you are taking a step with your left leg first then punch the imaginary guy in the chin with you right arm and then the same thing with you right leg and your left arm. Doing this will allow you to drive off of each leg which will work the most muscles in your legs and arms at the same time. Walking or “power walking” like this will give you a complete total body workout hopefully without straining or pulling any of your