Your Guide to Furnishing a Vacation Home

As the vacation rental market grows with VRBO, AirBnB and other third party sites it has become increasing competative, so having the right furnishings can make your property stand out from the crowd. While in your own home you taste will dictate almost all of of your decor choices, in a vacation rental it is often better to appeal to the mass majority of people.


First decide on your budget and always add cushion in case you don’t find what you want. Second hand stores offer a variety of quality furnishings but if you find yourself thinking “Are they going to notice” a scratch or dent, then YES they are going to notice it.

Inspiration & Style

Check out your competition through website searches. Instagram and Pinterest are a great place to start. Remember you want to appeal to a very wide range of guests. Keep it more neutral throughout with splashes of color including accent pieces, throw pillows and art work. Minimal is always better, don’t overwhelm a space, too many objects can make it feel crowded and cluttered. Interior decor makes a big impact, not just for first impressions but also for attracting repeat guests and great reviews.

Window Treatments

Curtains or window treatments are appriciated on all windows and doors. Don’t worry about blocking the beach view’s, they can always be opened. We do not reccomend vertical blinds, they can fade quickly and are often times diffacult to maintain.


Storage is an important factor as most guests are traveling for a week or longer and they need places to store their things and feel like they are at home and not in a hotel. Don’t forget a space to hang towels in the bathrooms, coats by the door or a place to keep their beach equipment.

Child Friendly

Many familes travel with small children so providing amenities such as high chair, booster seat, baby gates and a crib or pack-n-play can be an enormous bonus to a family.

Outdoor Amenities

Don’t forget to furnish the outside of your vacation rental with quaility deck furniture, enough seating on all levels and areas. Outdoor amenities can make your vacation rental very appealing, especially in photos.

While this may be your second home, remember this is also a vacation rental and guests don’t want to feel like they have invaded your personal home, so keep personal belongings to a minimum. Most vacationers will be considerate of your home, however accidents do happen, heirlooms, sentimental items or anything irreplaceable should not be left. Each bedroom should include quality mattresses, pillows and extra blankets. Include lighting next to all of the beds, most guests enjoy a good read before turning in and will thank you for it. I know you may not think this is true, but guests do watch TV while on vacation and having a TV available in bedrooms can make all the different in the world.

Can your property accommodate people with mobility issues?  Upgrading your vacation rentals to be more suitable for families with disabilities can tap into a huge travel market.