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Seating Area - Emerald Breeze

When your trying to rent your vacation property

To attract interested renters you need features that will catch people’s attention when they are searching online. Help them choose your rental over your competition with these simple outdoor amenities.

A Place To Sit And Relax

Add plenty of outdoor seating at your property. People come on vacation to relax, so show them your property is the place to be.

  • Outdoor table and chairs for relaxation with family and friends to have conversations
  • Umbrellas provide shade while your guests enjoy the outdoors.
  • Remember guests still enjoy the outdoors after the sun sets so don’t forget about lighting.

Your outdoor space does not have to be expensive, as long as you have something there that is comfortable and can handle the weather. You can make this as simple or as complex as your budget will allow. Your potential guests will notice a family-friendly environment.

A Place To Cook Out

Guests enjoy the relaxation that comes from gathering around a fire with hot dogs and marshmallows in hand, sharing stories of old times with family and friends.

  • Add an outdoor grill to your property. Again nothing fancy needed just a sturdy grill that will stand the weather. Think about adding a grilling area for a park or BBQ grill.
  • Add a small fire pit if space allows, this is just another way to bring families together.

Remember to check with your insurance carrier and/or HOA to ensure firepits are allowed. Adding these permanent spaces can also keep guests from grilling on your decks or directly under your homes.

A Place For Pets

For many guests, there beloved 4 legged friends are a part of the family and travel with their owners everywhere they go.

  • Adding a small dog run so pets have a place to enjoy the outdoors while on vacation.
  • Added a small fenced in area so pets have a place to enjoy some time off-leash.

Does your rental property allow pets? If so consider adding a few small conveniences. If your guests have a designated area for pets it can help protect your rental home from those boring days at the beach.

A Place For Play

Does your property appeal to families with children? Many parents will opt for a rental home with places to keep their children busy.

  • Outdoor games for all ages gives them something to play with while parents can enjoy some time too.
  • A place to swim if your space and budget allow. Think about adding a hot tub or pool.
  • Indoor games and puzzles. Do you have a garage or storage space going unused? Try adding a few indoor games such as a ping-pong table.
  • Don’t forget about landscaping, this is why guests stop and look at your property when they drive by. Add a few low maintenance perennial plants to keep your yard looking inviting.

Small changes in your outdoor amenities can give you great rental success. Think like a potential renter and invest some time into your outdoor amenities, some can even bring in that extra revenue you have been looking for in the off-season.