Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Our top 6 Summer Essential items to bring with you to the beach.

  • Fitted Bed Sheet

    We have all tried to keep our beach towels planted firmly by using our shoes, coolers or chairs. By the time you put all of these on your towel there is not a lot of room left.  Next time try a fitted sheet. The corners of the sheet can be folded up and then propped up with a cooler or shoes. This way the sheet not only lays flat against the sand but the corner up makes this more secure.

  • Sunscreen

    Most of us know to bring sunscreen on vacation but are we using the right kind? Most experts recommend SPF 30 or higher along with a hat and glasses.  So don’t just bring it make sure to use it. If you are in the water plan on applying sunscreen every hour or more often if you have fair skin.

  • Baby Powder

    Stop bringing the beach home with you after a long day in the sun. Baby powder has many uses; it smells good but also takes all of the sand off your body. Instead of trying to rub it off simply apply some baby powder to it and in no time you’ll have the smooth, sand free skin with a great aroma.

  • Digital Camera

    You could be capturing a once in a lifetime shot.  Remember your next vacation with plenty of photos. Don’t worry about looking like a tourist no one cares. Great photos are excellent souvenirs. With digital photos they don’t cost anything and are easy to share with family and friends and don’t take up any empty space in your suitcase.  Don’t forget after you catch that amazing shot to also get away from the camera and really enjoy the view.

  • Favorite Summer Read

    If the calm of the ocean is calling your name but you choose to keep your feet in the sand, bring along your favorite summer reading.  Have you checked out the #1 New York Times best-selling author, Nicolas Sparks?  Sparks fell in love with the area so much he has brought some of his recent books to life including Safe Haven, The Longest Ride and Message in a Bottle among others.

  • First Aid Kit

    Always be prepared for the little things, emergencies can arise anywhere.  Keep a nice sturdy case filled with Calamine lotion for bites and rashes, instant ice pack for bumps and bruises, hand sanitizer, adhesive bandages in assorted sizes, tweezers and alcohol wipes.

Let us know what your Summer Essentials are. What can you not live without on the beach?