Oak Island Nesting Has Begun

Oak Island sea turtle nesting has begun, so please help us help them.

Nesting season began on May 1st and will run through November 15th. Nests usually hatch between July and mid-October and incubation can be 50 to 80 days.

If you see a turtle please do not disturb her, stay back and allow her to settle and nest. Always observe at a distance.

If you find a stray hatchling, please place it in the water and notify the Oak Island Recreation Department at 910.278.5518. If it is after hours or there is a problem please contact the Police Department at 910.278.5595 non-emergency line.

Please remember to turn off ocean front lights during hatching season as the light disorients the hatchings and can cause them to move away from the ocean. Please fill in all holes dug in the sand, hatchlings crawl in and become easy prey for ghost crabs and sea gulls.

For more information please visit the Ocean Education Center located at 4902 East Beach Drive, just behind the skate park.