End of Loggerhead Turtle Nesting Season 2009

Turtle nesting season began May 1st. This year the first nest was laid on Oak Island on May 21st and May 29th on Caswell Beach the final nests were laid on August 11th. The first nest started hatching on July 28th. This year the whole island had 83 nests, 10 were lost to the storm named "Bill" and there were 104 False Crawls, which means the female turtle emerged from the water onto the beach but turned back to the ocean without nesting. There were 5485 Loggerhead Turtles counted that swam off into the ocean. This many turtles would not have made a safe journey without the help of dedicated volunteers

If you are interested in being a volunteer and learn more on how you can help the turtles; you may call 910-278-5518 and leave your name and number, they will be having a meeting of volunteers in January for the area of Oak Island from the Pier to the West end or if you are interested in the area of Oak Island Pier to the East end (Caswell Beach) you may contact Everett Smith at 910-278-4825.