Turtle Nesting Season

Turtle Nesting Season began on May 1st. The first nest of the season was laid on May 21, and is expected to begin hatching sometime after July 20 (incubation period is between 50 and 85 days). Approximately 30 nests have been sighted so far this year. Nesting season will continue through mid August.

The Loggerhead turtles are the majority of nesting turtles on Oak Island. Others such as Green’s, Kemp’s, and Leatherback’s are also known to nest along the Carolina coast on occasion. Over 76 volunteers help to monitor nests during the summer. If you see a hatchling or injured turtle please contact the Recreation Department at 278-5518 or if after hours the Police Department non emergency line 278-5595. Remember to keep the beach free of litter and turn off ocean front lights. If you see a nesting turtle observe at a distance.