Payment of Fees

  • Rates for the property according to nightly or weekly rental including any additional services or items that you request..
  • Please note high season weekly and nightly rental policies. Please click here for more information.

Event Policy

If a property is used for an event, an “Event Fee” of $1000 for additional usage and wear and tear will be added to the normal rental rate. The following conditions apply:

  • Any gathering over the occupancy limits of the property must receive prior approval from OIA and the Owner.
  • No more than 50 persons may be on the property for the event and no more than the normal occupancy limit may be in the property at all other times.
  • The event must take place outside the home.
  • An additional $1000.00 security deposit is required. This security deposit is usually refundable within 45 days from the departure date.
  • Additional maid service may be required and must be arranged in advance.
  • A four night minimum stay is required.

If it is discovered that a wedding or other similar event is or has occurred while under this lease agreement, and on which no event fee was paid, the tenant shall be required to pay such fee and also pay a penalty of $250.00 for such infraction. Failure to comply will result in Expedited Eviction as prescribed in NCGS 42A-23.


For all reservations, once rent has been paid and accepted by OIA, that money is considered non-refundable unless a re-booking of equal or greater value occurs. If a reservation is cancelled the guest will be responsible for any lost rent and other damages if the property is unable to be re-rented for the same period for an equal or greater amount. If the property is so re-rented, then and only then, will a refund be made less a cancellation fee of $100.00. All cancellations must be requested in writing by fax, e-mail or letter. If the property is re-rented for less than the original amount, the Owner remains entitled to the full rent. Any remaining rent after the owner is paid, less a cancellation fee of $100.00 will be refunded to the tenant. Refunds will be payable to the cancelling tenant within 45 days after the subsequent re-rental payment has cleared the bank. It is recommended that all tenants consider Travel Protection Insurance as described in Section I, paragraph (10). Rental payments by the month are non-refundable. Security deposits for long term cancellations will usually be refunded within 45 days from cancellation date, less a $75.00 cancellation fee.