Medieval Times

Imagine stepping back in time one thousand years, where knights and royalty rule, as you feast on a hearty four course banquet served by your own “serf or wench”. Enjoy the splendor of the magical evening, with stunning stallions as well as thrilling duels and tournament games at Medieval Times. You’ll be given a crown to wear, corresponding to your knight’s tunic; when challenges are issued on the field of valor, you’ll cheer your knight to victory as he battles for the rightt choose his Queen of Love and Beauty.

Upon admission to Medieval Times, you’ll be seated at tables encircling a large indoor arena, in which the performing knights engage in jousting, sword fighting and equestrian skill games. The house is divided into six sections, each assigned a different color, and you’re encouraged to cheer for knights who wear the same color.

Keeping with Medieval traditions, Dinner is served in courses without eating utensils. Historically, knives were customary while people ate with their hands. For those of you who might not be game for such traditions, sporks and knives are available. There is no menu to choose from; a typical meal consists of soup, garlic bread, bone chicken, one potato, one rib, a varied pastry, and Pepsi, iced tea, beer and/or coffee. A vegetarian dish can be given to those who request it. the Medieval Times Dinner and show are designed to last two hours.


The exhilarating combination of fun, feasting and fighting that captured the enthusiasm of guests when the first Castle opened its gates in Spain in 1973 is just as popular today.

The journey back to the 11th century begins as visitors are greeted by King Alfonso and his daughter, Princess Esperanza. Guests receive a colored crown corresponding to their seating area and the Knight they will cheer throughout the show. The Master of Ceremonies soon orders the Trumpeters of the Realm to announce the opening of the Grand Ceremonial Arena. Guests proceed to their color-coded pavilion as the sumptuous feast begins.

The Feast

With clockwork precision, legions of serving wenches and serfs deliver four courses to hungry guests in minutes. The meal begins with savory garlic bread and a steaming hot vegetable soup ladled into pewter bowls: then come roasted chicken, spare rib, a seasoned potato and pastry of the Castle. Two rounds of beverages are included with the feast. Cash bar service is also available throughout the show. To the special delight of the guests, the feast is served “medieval style” – without silverware, but with plenty of extra napkins.

Tournament of Skill

While the sumptuous feast is being served, the legend of a kingdom threatened by treachery but intimately strengthened by courage unfolds in the Grand Ceremonial Arena.

The show has all the lance-splintering action and glorious pageantry guests look forward to with a whole new element – a Princess’s love for a handsome, gallant Knight – and a riveting confrontation between a turncoat warrior and a surprise defender of the crown.

Competition is heated as the six brave Knights of the Realm vie in a colorful tournament for the lead in the flag toss, ring pierce and javelin thrown – games of skill designed to hone a Knight’s abilities in battle

Lances Splinter, Broadswords Clash

When the last game of skill has been won, Squires prepare the Grand Ceremonial Arena for the Joust. As trumpets sound, Knights in full armor astride magnificent Andalusians charge at each other brandishing 10-foot lances, intent on unseating their opponents. Once unhorsed, the Knights continue their battles on foot employing all the authentic weaponry of the medieval era – the sword, axe, mace and bola – in their quest for victory.

In a shower of sparks, the cacophony of metal against metal and the deadly glint of whirling bola, all contenders eventually fall until only one brave Knight is left sanding to claim the title of New Champion. But deadly treachery in the King’s trusted inner circle must first be quelled.

Honor is Restored!

As the plot unfolds with shocking twists and turns, truth, honor and love eventually triumph over evil and peace is restored to the kingdom. An unexpected event in the final minutes of the show brings guests to their feet in a deafening wave of thunderous cheers. All the Knights return to the Arena for a final rousing salute to the crowd of more than 1,000 noble guests.

Highlights of the dramatic show include an original music score recorded by the world-renowned Prague Symphony Orchestra, exquisite period costuming and spectacular special events.

The Knight Club

After a legendary Medieval Times show, the adventure continues for guests who visit The Knight Club. With full bar service, lively music and a dance floor, it’s the place where Knights and Royalty greet guests, sign autographs and pose for pictures. Authentic suits of armor, exquisitely detailed etched swords and shields and medieval murals and banners line the walls.