Mackerel and Things

The 29th Annual King Mackerel Tournament occurred October 4-6 in Southport. This tournament has been an exciting tradition for over 25 years, attracting many eager fisher-people to this area. Although the weather was fair (clouds and even some much-sought-after drizzle), over 400 boats lined the coastline on their hunt for the big ones.

With a $10,000, all-cash, first-place prize, and 55 total cash-prize places, fishing focus was keen! At the end of it all, Charles W. Fisher aboard the TEEZER (Eden, NC) was the big prize winner with a fish weighing in at 41.35 pounds. While not the largest fish ever caught in this tournament (that would be 1999 when the winning catch was 52.45 pounds by Joe Winslow out of Little River, SC), the 2007 winning fish was still a whopper! Congratulations, Charles Fisher!

By the way, Dosher Hospital was one of the tournament sponsors, just another example of its deep involvement in the people and events in the Southport/Oak Island area. So, if you live here, don’t forget to vote in the up-coming elections on November 6th! Pay close attention to the Dosher Hospital Board of Trustees! Sherri Marshall is running for one of the Trustee positions, and she would make a huge contribution to that team of people who are all quite involved in ALL community activity such as this fishing tournament. Give Sherri your support because she supports your community’s needs!