Oak Island Accommodations Home Owner Testimonials

Whether you’re new to the vacation rental world or a seasoned vet, if you’re looking for the best property management company in Brunswick County for your rental property, you’ve found us!  Now see what our owner’s have to say about us:

We have been very happy with our relationship with Oak Island Accommodations since we initially listed our properties in 2003. The staff members are always helpful in assisting with any issues with guests, contractors, etc. The staff in marketing, maintenance and guest services have been especially helpful over the years.

Gwen HarrisonA Beach Music Paradise & A Beach Music Paradise Too

We have been renting our condo through Oak Island Accommodations since September of 1994 and have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the Marshall family.

Richard ParrishTime Out

Excellent to work! You have been responsive when things needed improvement, and I have seen continual improvement in your services over the past 5 years! Thank you!

Rob FischerA Breath of Heaven

The structure of Oak Island Accommodations allows them the ability to handle many different situations and property types, in a professional and skilled manner .

Steve WishonJewel of the Fleet, Blockade Runner and Blockade Runner Villas

Excellent..since 1998.They are good people and that makes a good company.

Bill & Betty HuffmanSweet Retreat

This partnership of working together during the past years has been a great experience. Whenever I have called to have things done, communication with staff was mutually gratifying and the work done was completed within a reasonable amount of time. Oak Island Accommodations has been consistently respectful and easy to work with. Thank you for all that you do.

Angela UrquhartLuke’s Hideaway

Enjoy the wonderful staff. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. It makes the renting experience much easier to manage.

Mac & Traci CriscoNexta-C

We just started working with Oak Island Accommodations this past October but so far the experience has been fantastic. The staff are very accommodating and professional.

Greg & Margaret MastersParadise Found

give us a call today at (888) 638-2718  or email to ManageMyHouse@RentalsAtTheBeach.com for a free consultation and a no-obligation assessment of your rental property.  We look forward to meeting you.