Oak Island Sunsets

What is it about the end of the day right after dinner as the sun starts to recede into the night that makes the transition from day to night so magical? The golden and rose sky careens off of the sand at the beach and stops the whole world from moving. There is no better location for this memorable moment to be made than here at Oak Island.  The beach at the end of the day in Oak Island is the most beautiful place to be in the world. You can watch the sun melt away into the horizon behind the Intracostal Waterway. The smell of the sea and the powdery soft sand between your toes as you watch the day fade away, makes Oak Island the most peaceful place on earth.

Oak Island is the perfect place to propose to the woman of your dreams or just rekindle the spark that ignited your relationship. At the end of the day with sunlight waning or simply spending the evening entangled in your significant other’s arms will promise to be one of the best you and your partner spend together. Putting a blanket on the sand with a bottle of wine or a small picnic is the perfect way to spend that special quality time with your loved one. Being able to sit alone on a beach at sunset having dinner or a picnic is one of the absolute most beautiful ways to have dinner. Eating at a restaurant that overlooks the water just doesn’t compare because you cannot be fully immersed in the atmosphere of Oak Island without sand and salt water beneath your feet. If someone could bottle that feeling and aroma into a cologne or perfume they would make a fortune.

If you have someone special that you would like to get to know better or simply get away from your everyday routine with, Oak Island is place to go for moments that you and your loved one will always cherish. Oak Island sunsets are so stunning, that capturing the moment seems essential. This is a perfect photo opportunity and a great subject for a painting. Many local people in the area use Oak Island sunsets as photo opportunities to be used as Christmas cards and continue the tradition every year. Either in the warm summer or the cool fall and winter evenings, Oak Island sunsets capture you in the moment, lingering your mind for months on end.

A great idea for panoramic picture would be to snap pictures in succession, while rotating 360 degrees so that you could encapsulate the entire sunset scene around you. Then when you get those photos developed, ask for wide or panoramic print so that you can piece these pictures together to make a great collage. These panoramic displays look great in a dorm room or framed as a simple reminder of a beautiful time spent at Caswell Beach.