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How to Access the Beach

The Town of Oak Island and the Town of Caswell Beach offer a combined 67 public beach access locations across the island. Each access differs in size and visual appearance varying from pedestrian-only pathways to large accesses with ample parking and emergency vehicle accessibility. Scattered throughout the Town of Oak Island are mobi-mats that assist those with limited mobility. Almost all public beach accesses, typically found at a street end, are marked with familar post-and-rope. A series of public accesses along Ocean Drive, close to the Oak Island Fishing Pier, are not marked with post and rope but provide clear pathways to the beach. 


Similarly, a series of 130 total shared access pathways line the beach and offer direct beach access to oceanfront properties along East Beach Drive and West Beach Drive. Placed approximately every 60 yards, these shared accesses are marked with post-and-rope to provide guidance on where to safely and legally access the beach. 


With nearly 200 combined legal pathways to access the beach, walking, climbing or standing on the dunes otuside of a legal access is prohibited and montitored closely by town employees. These guidelines are put in place to help you be a good patron to our beach so we can preserve it for future generations to come. 

Stay Up to Date

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