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Current Status

Phase II Nourishment (Hurricane Florence) 

  • Work is slated to begin in early November following the conclusion of sea turtle nesting season. 
  • Work will begin near Middleton Avenue, where previous work left off, and head west towards The Point.

Use the interactive map below to track the progress of the current Renourishment Project:

2020-2021 Renourishment Project Map

What to Expect in Work Areas

  • Work is carried on 24/7 to ensure the project is completed within predetermined deadlines.
  • Equipment such as pipes and heavy machinery such as bulldozers will be present on the beach.
  • Loud construction noise and bright lights at night are possible throughout the duration of the work.

Where Can I Safely and Legally Access the Beach?

Following Hurricane Isaias, the Town of Oak Island changed direct beach access guidelines for oceanfront properties. Direct beach access varies depending on the location of your vacation rental.

*Caswell Beach and Yaupon Beach are not included in the current beach nourishment project.*

Oceanfront properties in the Town of Oak Island no longer have stairways directly facing the ocean. All beach leading stairways must be parallel to the dune or berm.

Access from oceanfront properties in East Beach is available through shared pathways installed by the Town of Oak Island approximately every 180 feet or at one of the many public beach accesses at most street ends. A map of the shared pathways can be viewed herewhile a map of all public beach accesses can be viewed here

Access from oceanfront properties in East Beach is available through the use of a single or shared pathway for each property. These pathways are marked by either markers, flags, guide rope or roll out matting.

The Town of Oak Island has many beach accesses that are now open to the public. Please use these accesses when going to the beach to help protect our beautiful island. For properties located east of Middleton Avenue, shared direct access pathways have been installed roughly every 200 feet all the way to the 300 block of East Beach Drive. Past the 300 block the accesses are staked but not roped off at this time. These pathways designate areas where guests can safely and legally access the beach. These pathways are marked with post and rope as seen below. Sand ramps have also been constructed to allow for safe access over the pipeline during the nourishment project. These sand ramps are constructed in line with all temporary direct access pathways and should be the only method used for crossing the pipeline. 

Guests may have to travel longer distances than normal to safely and legally access the beach even if they are occupying an oceanfront property. A list of public beach accesses including amenities, handicap friendly accesses and more can be found through the link below. 

Town of Oak Island Public Beach Accesses

All residents, property owners and visitors alike are reminded of the following:

• Walking on, crossing over, sitting, playing or any other destructive activity on the sand berms and dunes in any unauthorized areas is PROHIBITED.

• To help maintain a safe and productive work environment, do not enter the marked construction areas or interact with any equipment or crew members on site.

Stay Up to Date

Follow along with the most up-to-date information on the Town of Oak Island’s website and Facebook page.