2008! New Year! New Opportunities to Vacation!

While you hunker down in your winter haven where winds blow and chill pierces the body, dream of summer sun and fun! What’s that? Can’t wait? Think spring or even late winter sun and fun! Come to the beach!

Oak Island, North Carolina, has vacation homes with ocean fun, sun porches, fireplaces, and plenty of blue Carolina sky for your pleasure, no matter what time of year! Bring your four-legged friend, too, because we have pet-friendly homes. Whether in a winter chill or a spring thaw, here you can fling open the windows for gentle breezes and chirping birds as you plan a day of wading in the surf, shell hunting, and kite flying.

Think vacation any time you NEED a vacation! Whether you have only one day to spare or an entire month or two, whether your idea of de-stressing is to curl up by the fire with a great ocean view and a fascinating book or it is to put on a wet suit and go kite-surfing in the brisk wind and waves of the winter ocean, no matter what, Oak Island can take you away to a place of relaxation!

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